SHOWCASE: Jewellery inspired art by Shohini

As a jewellery artist/maker and a performer, the body has always played an important role in my work. A piece of wearable art can extend itself to tell stories and sometimes become objects in themselves with meaning. I have attempted to perceive Jewellery as an extension of the body and in this case it becomes a reminder of the missing human form. Thus it becomes a memento or a cenotaph to the wearer.


This project started with an alternative art exhibition and soon after I relised the need to bring in the performative element where these pieces can be worn and performed in. I would like to conceive new wearable pieces and weave them together into a narrative resulting in performance. This project attempts to explore the relationship between body and jewellery and how it influences our perception of movement.



The three works titled “The Fool”, “The Narcissist” and “The Hoarder” on display.


Detail of “The Fool”

Materials  used for most of these works are Paper Mache clay, bandage, twine and sequins.









“The “Social Climber”

We all know that one or several individuals in our lives who can leave behind everybody and put everything at stake in order to climb the social ladder. This work was an ode to that breed who are constantly on the move, constantly fighting and acquiring. This is a breast plate that they would wear with pride.








2116 AD

The installation titled “2116 AD”, a cenotaph to mother earth. Made from a mannequin wrapped in hand printed cloth, necklace and head gear made from twigs and twine.

This exhibition titled CENOTAPHS was held at the Birla Academy of Art & Culture, Kolkata in 2016.

Image Courtesy: Pratik Chowdhury

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