The Paper Mache Collection

My latest collection is made of paper mache, fabric and found objects. The entire collection is now available for sale at “Wabisabi” a boutique café in Kolkata. This collection has a total of thirteen pieces and are all one-of-a-kind and will never be reproduced.

It’s light weight and incredibly strong. The fabric will fray a little as time goes by but that is the desired effect. It’s also friendly to the environment as it’s made from recycled paper and waste fabric.


I started working with paper mache clay last year for my jewellery inspired artworks for the exhibition titled Cenotaphs. While searching for an easy and versatile medium which would be quick to work with, I came across paper mache clay. Paper Mache clay is slightly different than traditional paper mache in consistency and composition. It spreads like butter on any surface and dries quickly. However, it’s a little difficult to use it by itself as it lacks fibre. It is while working on that project that I had made a mental note to try and use this medium for my jewellery. The first few attempts were unsuccessful. After a bit of trial and error with the recipe, I found the optimum composition which would work well for jewellery making.

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