STUDIOSPEAK: Bashonti, a collection of hand forged copper jewellery

hand forged copper pendant

Hello jewellery lovers! I am back with a new post and a brand new collection! It’s always satisfying to launch a new body of work. But behind that excitement there is also a lot of anxiety. “Is this good enough? Could it be improved? Will people like my jewellery? Will it sell?” That’s right! I am always too critical of my work! Which is a good thing and a bad thing! But no matter!

hand forged copper pendant

“Bashonti” is a Bangla word which means “of spring” or “pertaining to spring”. It is also the word for “canary yellow” in Bangla, which is the colour associated to spring in Bengal. For Bengalis or Indians in general, spring is also closely associated with the festival of colours. In North India it is celebrated as “Holi” and in Bengal it’s known as “Dol”. And for me it’s Basanta Utsav (Spring Festival), as it is known in Santiniketan.

hand made copper necklace

Santiniketan, is a tiny university town in the district of Birbhum, West Bengal. It is here that the notable bard and scholar Rabindranath Tagore founded an alternative university dedicated to the arts. This is where I have spent my college years, learning Art and mostly playing the fool with my friends. In Santiniketan, every festival is celebrated along with “Rabindra Sangeet” or songs composed by Tagore. There is a song for almost every occasion! Every year, spring brings back fond memories of my youth, singing and dancing with my friends among the vibrant Palash bloom and the red soil smeared with colour. That’s why I decided to dedicate this year’s spring collection to Santiniketan, to Rabindranath and to nostalgia.

copper earrings

This collection is wholly made from copper. Copper is one of my favourite metals to work with. There are numerous techniques that can be applied to this base metal but I decided to be minimal with my process, save some for later. The two main techniques I used this time are etching and fold forming. Etching again is a technique that I am familiar with since my college days since I specialised in print making. We used to etch on Zinc plates and then take prints from them. This time, I used this technique to etch the words of Tagore on my jewellery pieces. I was tempted to introduce some colour on these pieces since its spring but decided otherwise. Maybe you will find coloured copper jewellery later in my arsenal. Fold forming is also a fun process where you fold and unfold the metal to create ridges and valleys in order to bring more dimension to the shapes.

copper fold formed earrings

All the elements used in the designs are inspired from nature. Leaves, flowers, geometric shapes and especially the sickle moon shape is very close to my heart.

copper fold formed earrings

These pieces are meant to be worn casually and one can dress it up too on certain occasions. I intend to do a look-book soon with these pieces. Till then, happy browsing! Don’t forget to send me your photographs, I would love to see how you style them! And you’ll get featured on our Facebook page.


Presently, I am only taking orders from my Facebook page. If you want one of these pieces, just inbox me and I will get back to you!



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