Mycellium: Textile art

We, as modern civilisation acquire more and more each day and discard as much of the “unwanted” objects. And these unwanted objects pile up, fills up lands and rivers and mountains. Man-made trash has almost become an entity by itself. My recent works are inspired from this phenomenon.

The earth is slowly being engulfed in a layer of man-made objects, fabrics, plastics, metals and creating a mesh, almost like a new hybrid organism. It’s starting to grow on every surface, like moss, lichen and fungi. And just like the natural world, this new organism has created its own ecosystem. It doesn’t need food or oxygen to survive but thrives on man’s greed and aspirations. Using materials like salvaged fabric, thread and sometimes found objects, I try to create a surface that resembles fungus. The techniques and the stitching that I use in my works are the same ones that I have worked with when I made jewellery. But here, those stitches transcends into an intricate network of surface textures that gives an appearance of fungus or lichen. These works are also free from, as in, they don’t really begin or end anywhere. They are conceived as little slices or chunks of the same monster that has no fixed dimension. This language also sometimes lends itself to drawings, paintings and murals.

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