hand made copper necklace

STUDIOSPEAK: Bashonti, a collection of hand forged copper jewellery

Hello jewellery lovers! I am back with a new post and a brand new collection! It’s always satisfying to launch a new body of work. But behind that excitement there is also a lot of anxiety. “Is this good enough? Could it be improved? Will people like my jewellery? Will it sell?” That’s right! I […]

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fabric choker

STUDIOSPEAK: The Fabric Collection

Fabric has always been my weakness. My store is full of them. Scraps of different colours, prints and weaves, blouse pieces from sarees, excess yardage from upholstery and kurtas, lace and denim, I even saved remnants of old clothes if I liked the fabric! I had never really given them a second thought other than […]

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STUDIOSPEAK: The Paper Mache Collection

I am really excited to announce the arrival of yet another new collection! My latest collection is made of paper mache along with copper wire, beads and fabric. It’s a highly versatile and tactile medium with endless possibilities. This particular collection is inspired from basic geometric shapes like circles and squares and some organic forms. […]

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